Tuesday, August 12, 2008

41 Days

Today I celebrated being 41 years and 41 days old by completing my 41st consecutive day of riding my bike.

Thank you for accompanying my journey on BillyBlog.

I rode 6.7 miles today, bringing my 41-day total to......

341.38 miles.

I averaged 8.33 miles per day over this time, thanks to some big rides offsetting all the 6 and 7-mile days.

And between this morning and tomorrow, I will decide whether I will continue just to see how many consecutive days I will ride.

But for the purposes of BillyBlog, the journey ends today. I will leave you this morning with one more sunrise from the pier:

and instead of a photo from 4.1 miles, I will leave you with some video from a spot on the Shore Promenade that became all too familiar to me:

Thanks again for following along!


Leon said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 41 days! And, of course, some fatherly advice: Don't stop now! :~D

Ben said...

Good job, Bill. What's the tally on weight and conditioning? I'm sure you added a few years to your life and will enjoy more time with your grandkids.

I think you should ease into a regular routine rather than end the riding altogether. Maybe, give yourself 4.1 days off, then start again on a regular 4 days a week routine.

Eric Valentine said...

well done on the 41 days riding.

I agree with your father that you should not stop now, got to keep those legs in shape after all the hard work.

A simple 2 mile circuit should be ok for you? :)

Jill said...

Way to go! I'm inspired and I too, think you should continue. Congratulations!