Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Three Kings Jellyfish

I swear, all I did was put my day-marker on top of this display on the side of the road. Click to enlarge for some interesting detail. Or not.

At 4.1 miles, I snapped this trio of sea creatures, moseying in the Narrows.

You may have wondered, "Do jellyfish mosey?" Indeed, they do.

7.08 miles today.

Let me add, that the general fatigue and physical exhaustion I felt the first couple of weeks has gone away, and I am thoroughly enjoying this physical challenge. I am looking to step it up this week. There will definitely be some new scenery mid-week. Thanks for sharing my journey with me!

UPDATE: From the New York Times online coverage of the New York City Triathalon:

Dozens of swimmers reported being stung by jellyfish during the swim, which were variously described as being clear, slightly purplish pink, and about the size of a salad plate. Swimmers had not been warned about the jellyfish, which had not been a problem in past races, and were taken by surprise.

“I was in the middle of a stroke, and whammo, it bit me right in the face; the pain spread across the side of my face and down my neck,” said Charlie Redmond, 59, from Demarest, N.J. “Everyone was talking about the jellyfish after the race.”

Burke said he knew of no serious allergic reactions and said the jellyfish appeared to be dissipating when the first wave of professional athletes entered the water at 5:50 a.m. He noted that the majority of the athletes were wearing wetsuits. “We didn’t go out and actually blare it on the P.A. system that there was a jellyfish situation,” he said. “I’m not going to over-alarm people.”

Still, Jennifer Shipley was so unnerved by the jellyfish that she picked up the pace to get out of the water quickly. “I totally panicked,” said Shipley, 39, from Washington, D.C., who was stung on the shoulder. “I think I had my total fastest time ever.” Other swimmers, she said, floated on their backs for a few minutes to calm down, and one woman called race organizers to get her out of the water.

Most people said the pain went away after a few minutes, and showed no marks from the stings.

BillyBlog had evidence of jellyfish posted this morning, once again scooping the esteemed New York Times!

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