Thursday, July 10, 2008

Any Way the Wind Blows, Or, Cruising Through the Narrows

Well, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction today, much to my chagrin, reaffirming the rule that one should always check the weather details before a bike ride.

So, I did a little backtracking and tallied 7.43 miles this morning, completing a full week of riding on consecutive days. Just 32 (gulp!) more to go!

Our 4.1 mile picture today is a close-up of a cruise ship heading toward its dock in Manhattan:

I knew I would get a shot of this at the 4.1 mile mark, after catching a little bit of a more breathtaking view a mile or so earlier, just as the ship was passing under the Verrazano Bridge and the sunrise was reflecting in its windows:

Incidentally, it was right at the 4.1 mile mark that I turned around and took advantage of the tailwind.

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