Friday, February 08, 2008

Week End Wrap Up: Tattoos and Poetry

I thought about posting about this over on Tattoosday, but despite the congruent themes, I didn't want to start featuring tattoo subject matter that wasn't in line with what Tattoosday is all about, the spontaneous spotting of body art in New York City, and the stories behind the ink. That said, on Thursday, two tattoo-prominent models appeared in the New York media.

First, I spotted one of the free New York morning papers on the subway. The issue of Metro was actually overlayed with a "faux" cover which was really an advertisement, in this case, for Kenneth Cole. Here's the photo that graced the front cover:

The tattoos are spectacular. In fact, some people at work thought they were fake. But these are real and grace the body of Theo Kogan, lead vocalist from the Lunachicks (her MySpace profile is here). You can see this ad here, along with a video explaining how she fits into the Kenneth Cole "We All Walk in Different Shoes" campaign.

Similarly, The New York Times ran a story called "The Vanishing Point" on Thursday about the new "thin" male models. It is Fashion Week in New York, so this all makes sense. Anyway, one of the photos accompanying the article was this one:

The model on the left (with the tats) is Sascha Kooienga:

(Photo by Jon Malinowski)

I was hoping to get a shot of what appears to be a Miro tattoo on Kooienga's right side (in the Times photo), but no such luck.

And on a totally unrelated note, those readers of this blog know what a big fan I am of the Best American Poetry series. I discovered yesterday that David Lehman started a BAP blog, which is here (and hereinafter on the sidebar). The poet Denise Duhamel has a post entitled "The Politics of Erotica".

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