Monday, February 25, 2008

Like Malasadas?

I love malasadas. Easy to do since I rarely have them. Tough for a former Hawaii resident living in New York, no doubt. But I have a got malasadas? bumper sticker from Leonard's Bakery in my office.

And, last Fall, my mom brought us a bag of malasada mix from Tex Drive In in Honoka'a:
Of course, we have it in a place of honor, hanging in our kitchen.

Why am I inducing malasada salivation? I posted about these delicious treats a long ways back here. And I just recently discovered my post was linked by a French culinary blog here. I ended my post back then, saying that malasadas "are paradise packed into light, fluffy, sugar-dusted dreams."

The blog Le Petrin, translates this as "le paradis enveloppé dans des rêves aériens, cotonneux saupoudrés de sucre". Sounds even better in French, no? It's nice to be referred to by a prestigious European blogger.

So, to assuage my malasada separation anxiety, let me share this gem from my video vault, circa August 2005:

That's from Tex Drive in, and here's a still shot:

It still astonishes me that, despite living in New York City, there do not appear to be any malasada-makers in the greater Tri-State area. If anyone hears otherwise, please let me know.


bonnie said...

yes, yes, when is somebody going to open a Leonard's here!!! said...

My friend's dad own's Leonards...and my friend manages it.

I still hate getting Zeppole at the street fairs. I can't believe they put powdered sugar on them and they are not light and fluffy like malasadas.