Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shameless Plug for Collaboration Art

One of the people I have come across in the blogosphere (and thus a "victim" of my occasional meme-ing) is Mat Giordano of Houston, Texas.

I tagged him with a recent meme and he asked for me to shamelessly plug an art project he is working on in the blogosphere. Normally, I would never entertain such nonsense....ah, who am I kidding? I love doing that! What's better, the assemblage of art is actually quite interesting. For example:

If you're interested in the above image and other cool, funky, thought-provoking images, check out This Blog Right Here.

Mat adds:

The final assembly is being auctioned this Friday at a silent art auction to donate to the AIDS Foundation of Houston:

I will be in Los Angeles, so I'm dropping off the piece tomorrow, but will send you my blog mailer when I'm done sometime tonight matting everything.

And then at 3:25 PM EST on February 27, Mat notified me:

After a ton of hard work over a short period of time, the response to the art collaboration project was immense. The final piece will be going up for silent auction this Friday, February 29 to benefit the AIDS Foundation of Houston.

To see everyone's hard work put in perspective, visit This Blog Right Here and show some love for those who gave their time to help make a tired, late night idea a true reality, and in turn helping those in serious need:

Enjoy :)


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