Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Idea That Went to the Dogs

Ah, such great plans!

Every year around this time, the Westminster Kennel Club has its annual dog show at Madison Square Garden. There are always tons of beautiful dogs around the building in which I work (across from MSG), as there are two hotels, the Hotel Pennsylvania and the Affinia, where many of the handlers and the dogs stay.

At some point during day one, I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the dogs being walked around the area. Problem was, day 1 was Monday, and it was brutally frigid in Manhattan, with temperatures in the teens, and wind chills dipping into single digits (or below). Day 2, Tuesday, I started to take a few pictures on the street, but then the snow started falling by mid-afternoon. Day three, which is after the show, when all the dogs are out on walks before heading home, we had incessant rain.

That being said, all I have is four pictures. Maybe next year. Two are not so great, but the last one is a beaut. Enjoy, this weather-shortened idea that had so much potential, but came up a little shy of what I wanted.

This last one is a spectacular dog:

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Colin said...

The last dog won the Working class, and was 3rd for best in show....