Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Monday Melange

What a day!

At lunch, the CIO and I walked briskly from 30th and 6th to 14th and Irving to the newest Trader Joe's. It was crowded. It was big. It was, perfect.

Not to beat a dead horse, but you have to have loved Trader Joe's to begin with, to truly appreciate and revere such an event in the Big Apple. Sure, a lot of what I bought could be found in some form or another at Whole Foods, but hardly for the same price, and surely not without the warm, tingly feeling that Trader Joe's gave me.

Listen up. And here, I raise my BillyBlog voice, I am a salsa man, and I like salsa with variety. Since I am not in the Southwest and cannot appreciate the real, hardcore, authentic salsa, I have been dieting on Pace, Mrs. Renfro's and Goya's Salsa Verde.

I love Trader Joe's salsa selection, and Whole Foods can kiss my gringo okole. (A lot of my pent-op hostility is directed at pal, Ian, who thinks I am nuts for being nuts about Trader Joe's. But he's not all bad, he sent me the link for that survival test. So thanks, Ian. Let me know if you find any good salsa at Whole Foods. I bet it costs more than any of the four, count 'em four, jars I bought today.

I bought the 4 jars to the right, including a corn and chile one, tomato-less, that I'd never seen before. I bought the big canvas bag that carried them home. I bought a thing of apricot/mango non-fat yogurt for Ian, and a curried chicken salad for me (Trader Joe's customers know it well). All of that, for under $16.50.

And that, my loyal readers, was why Monday was a good day on the first day of Spring in this fair city.

Then, this is what the pod served up as the soudtrack for my commute home:

R. Kelly, "Trapped in the Closet, Chapter 1"
The Jackson Five's "I'll Be There"
"American Woman" by The Guess Who
"Karma Police" by Radiohead
"Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Executioner)" also by Radiohead
Alice in Chains' "Angry Chair"
"Californication" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Black Sabbath's "The Mob Rules"
"What a Wonderful World" by Joey Ramone (from the Freaky Friday soundtrack)
"Thunder" by Wayne County & the Electric Chairs (from a super compilation circa 1989 called These People Are Nuts!
"Cornholio Techno," a random techno mash-up of quotes from Beavis, of Beavis & Butthead fame
Oscar-winning song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" by Djay & Shug
"Slide it In" by Whitesnake brought me home....

Of course, then I discovered our cable was out, and we missed the latest episode of 24. But I fortuitiously have a day off tomorrow, and will be here when the cable guy (hopefully) shows up.

But at least I has my salsa!


Jill said...

I can't wait to visit Trader Joe's! I completely understand your love of that place. All I can say is "FINALLY!!!"

Jenise said...

Absolutely! My time spent in CA was well spent at Trader Joe's. They have AMAZING things. So glad "y'all" in NY have one now... I am of course terriblly jealous!