Friday, March 17, 2006

10,000th Song Added!

I posted this yesterday morning:

It's official. The representative iPod of BillyBlog, my 60 GB iPod Photo, passed the 10,000 track mark early this morning.The winning track: Nirvana's album version of "All Apologies."

This is how I get to 10,000 songs: this version from the album In Utero, is the 6th version of the song on the BillyBlogPod. I already have versions by Nirvana from Unplugged in New York, greatest hits Nirvana, solo acoustic version from the box set With the Lights Out, an additional live perfromance with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and DOA's cover version of the song from Smells Like Bleach: A Tribute to Nirvana.

The problem was, that was inaccurate, in a sense. My iPod had 10,000 tracks, but 6 were podcasts I subscribe to, so I balked at my post and pulled it. Clearly, I am sick in the head. I could have just left it and no one would have been the wiser. But we here at BillyBlog strive for the highest levels of journalistic integrity.

Of course, with time, I have added more and, yes, deleted duplicate tracks in an effort to eliminate pod redundancies. As of right now, I am at 9975 songs/tracks, not including podcasts.

So, we'll just have to celebrate 10,000 later.


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. The down side of living in NYC on this joyous occasion is that the streets are filled with drunken buffoons. The up side is that as I type this, I can hear bagpipes outside. Come to think of it, those can be reversed. Drunken buffoons can be entertaining and bagpipes can grate. At lunch, I saw a green-clad reveler cross a street against the light and come within inches of being crushed by a truck. He looked at the honking, cursing driver and bellowed, "I'm wocking heah!" as his leprechaun hat flopped its bright shamrocks in the wind.

It was magically delicious!

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