Monday, January 26, 2009

Poem Lamenting the Suspension of My YouTube Account

I pick at a blackberry
But it is the one
With two capital Bs,
Not the one
Buzzed by bees.

My fingers are unstained
But my heart is pained.
The brain is sprained, but
All I feel is preordained.

I am a documentarian,
But I have been thwarted
By a behemoth
Whose ears are deaf
To the most reasonable appeals.

The bits and bytes
That comprise
The moving image of poetry
Imprisoned on a server
Out west- a voice silenced
In perpetuity
By the click of a mouse.

Beaurocracy begins with
A capital "B".
This one stings
While sorrow sings
A sadness of loss,
Relatively speaking,
For the Rest of Time.

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