Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pete, the Oldest Goat in Pa`auilo: 1992-December 31, 2008

Sad news from my Mom last week in Hawai'i. Pete, their goat passed away at the end of 2008. Here's what Mom had to say:

We are sorry to tell you our wonderful goat, the last of our Pepeekeo animals, is now asleep on the hill behind the garage with his twin Re-Pete and his goat friends, Ruby The Nubian Princess, and Kiddo, our first goat.

Pete was just like a big Great Dane. He always ran to the fence when called and he had a great personality--especially for a goat! His very best friend was our horse, Blue, who keeps looking for him, even today. When his twin Re-Pete died several years ago, we acquired two Hare Sheep to keep him company--but he really liked Blue best of all. The sheep, Bloomie and Blimey, are very skittish and jump at everything--unlike mellow Pete, the epitome of cool--especially for a goat!

Our thanks to Dr. Lisa Wood of Veterinary Associates for keeping Pete healthy for all of his sixteen+ years!
Pete was a great old goat, and last time we were back in Pu'auilo, the kids loved petting him and feeding him banana peels and papaya rinds. For a while, Pete and I shared a blogger profile photo together. Here's a shot from the last time we hung out together, in 2005:

Rest in Peace, Pete!

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