Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogging Inauguration Day

What better way to commemorate an historic day but by recalling all
the little things that happened.

5:30 am Rise. Check e-mail. Unload dish rack. Wash leftover dishes
that were soaking.

6:00 am Shower. Shave. Fiddle on the computer.

6:15 am Wake up Jolee. Continue to get ready for work. Marvel at two
Facebook friends who have already updated their status to reflect that
they have headed over to the Mall to get a spot for the Inauguration.

6:49 am just missed a train. Sit down. Start writing this log. Put the
BilliPod on shuffle. Sammy Hagar's "Red" starts.

6;54 am R train leaves 95th Street. "She's Automatic" by Rancid.

From the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame broadcast a few years back, "Man on
the Moon," with Eddie Vedder accompanying on vocals.

Reading the 12/28/08 New York Times Magazine "The Lives They Lived"
issue, recalling many of those who died in 2008. Jim McKay.

It's 7:01,

No express at 59th Street. I stay on the train.

Next song, "I Don't Know Anything" by Mad Season, live in Seattle,
January 8, 1995.

I get off at 36th Street, hoping to catch an express train.

"Dead Ringer for Love" by Meat Loaf, as an N pulls into the station.

I get on, standing next to a guy with a Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper
Village jacket on (maintenance? Securit?). He is reading "Starcraft"
by I. Menssk.

7:12 am. A live cover of "War Pigs" by The Flaming Lips.

"Old Age" by Hole.

7:20 We emerge on the Manhattan Bridge. The city looks tranquil, still
blanketed by an inch or two of snow. The Donnas sing "Hot Pants". It
carries me over the bridge.

"They Can't Take That Away from Me" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

After Canal Street, the train stops and waits for a few minutes.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Hoedown" flirts in my earbuds.

Announcement: Q train at 14th Street has mechanical problems ahead,
so we are making local stops.

Between 8th and 14th Streets, I get a seat. "4th of July" by
Soundgarden. I just realized I forgot to call my friend Tino
yesterday, to wish him a happy birthday. The mp3 of the song is
damaged and it keeps cutting out on me. It's torture.

At 28th Street, I finish the magazine and Led Zeppelin's "Hey Hey What
Can I Do". I get off at 34th Street.

It's 7:38.

"Back Door Man" by the Doors carries me through Manhattan Mall and
across 7th Avenue.

"Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden starts as I approach my building.
The bus shelter outside reads "7:44, 20 degrees".

I'm in the office at 7:48.

11:44. I had an 11:45 appointment at the dernatologist. When I called
to confirm (and see if they had a tv in the waiting room) they told me
to come in early. I had never seen the place so empty. I'm now headed
back to the office.

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