Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Ideas Gone Bad: The Inaugublog

So, I pulled a John Roberts.

I started blogging my day on Tuesday tom commemorate the occasion. I ended up falling very short of my goal, deleting the first and middle sections of the day, and just have a snapshot of a sliver in time.

Rather than delete it forever in my gmail trashcan, I'm posting it here, for what's it worth.

8:00 am One of my old bosses gives me a black long-sleeved shirt that
states 01.20.09 Bush's Last Day. She was going to wear it to a [Expletive
Deleted] Bush party last night but was struck ill. "Bush's Revenge," she
called it. She was planning on giving it to me today anyway. Now it's up to
the women in my home to fight over it.

8:03 am Checking e-mai, at work, reading a note from Michael Moore ("We
have made it through the Dark Ages and here we are, in one of the most
redemptive moments history has ever witnessed. Barack Obama is our best
hope to get it right, to heal our national soul, to reach out to the rest
of the world with an olive branch instead of shocking brutality.")

8:49 am Read Jeff Chang's "Notes on Day Zero" from the Can't Stop Won't
Stop blog.

9:00 am Finally remember to plug the BilliPod into the computer. I won't
list all the music I listen to today, but I start with Joe Strummer & the
Mescaleros doing "Minstrel Boy" from the film Black Hawk Down.

9:01 am My boss e-mails me a link to hear the new U2 song. My company's web
security program blocks my access to the site.He invites me to his office
to hear it. I pause Joe Strummer and head next door. It's called "Get On
Your Boots" and it sounds okay. My boss says it sounds like Jim Carrey
singinging "Somebody to Love" in The Cable Guy. Having not seen that film,
the reference is lost on me. I go back to Joe Strummer. I'm drinking my
first Diet Coke of the day.
Fascinating, no?

Pleas say a prayer for the other meaningless drivel I somehow relegated to blogfodder oblivion.

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