Tuesday, May 13, 2008

News from the Ranch: Golden, 1998?-May 8, 2008

Sad news from my Mom this weekend.
One of the most vocal ranch animals has gone to roost in the Big Barnyard in the Sky. Diane reports:

When Vet Lisa Wood came to Pihanakalani for the annual farm call on Thursday, May 8, she discovered Golden had a broken leg! I had been hand feeding him for the past three months, thinking he might improve from what looked like a bad sprain. We buried him behind the tack room, with a little rooster memorial. He was our best rooster ever, always came running when his name was called, and we miss him!

As a way of tribute, I offer up this home video from Pihanakalani, which co-stars Golden, the Loud, Proud, Rooster, along with some of his other ranch cohorts:


Jill said...

Umm, I know this is a totally unappropriate use of your blog, but can you please send me an email with all of your contact information. I've been trying to sync my phone with my yahoo account and I lost your information. Thanks! Your completely un-techy friend, Jill

Jill said...

I meant inappropriate. Duh.