Friday, May 23, 2008

Jolee Shines

Jolee often gets the short end of the stick in the blogging world. At least the BillyBlogging world. I mentioned earlier this week that all her drama videos got stalled in post-production and never made it to the blogosphere. Her sister Shayna often gets mad props for her soccer prowess because, well, it's a little more dramatic. And easier to post then a dozen ensemble chorus pieces.

Still, she made her Mum and me proud last night during the Spring Music & Art Festival for the Academy for the Arts and Humanities at the Christa McAuliffe School (I.S. 187) in Brooklyn. Jolee was part of the 6th Grade Chorus, singing, among other songs, "Seasons of Love" from Rent. The clip is below. There are solos by Jolee and her friend Tai, and , despite a small microphone problem, they both sang beautifully.

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Anonymous said...

fantastic solo, camera work, voice! What poise she exhibited too, by singing through the technical difficulty.... mazal tov