Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Morning, Baltimore...

We have arrived in Baltimore and are mulling about the lobby of the Marriott near the ballpark. Waiting for our party of fifteen (still waiting for ten more) to have brunch at Cafe Promenade. The place is teeming with Yankee fans.

Since the Yanks are not playing the Tigers, I am officially a Bronx Bomber fan today, in my Reyn Spooner Yankee "aloha" shirt, and a borrowed Yankee cap from my beloved wife, Melanie. Shayna informed me that I was not allowed to wear my Tigers hat, although wearing the
colors of two last-place teams (okay, the Tigers are tied for last and the Yankees are only a half-game from last. If they lose today, they'll take it back) seems ironic.

Is it irony? Perhaps not. By the way, great article ("Exposed" by Emily Gould) in today's Sunday NY Times about blogging and the separation between the public and the private. I read it on the way down in the car. There's even a bit of tattoo in it.

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