Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Paul McCardney

Hmm. Well, of course I grabbed one at my local Starbucks this morning. It's cool, right? Further evidence of the total commercialization of someone who once was the gold standard of not selling out. I guess with the divorce and all, he needs the extra money.

Crazy enough, ladies and gents, the card I grabbed was free, in a stack, as all unbalanced Starbucks cards are, but as of this early posting, 8am EST on June 5, 2007, there are currently 38 of these "rare" items for sale on eBay. As ludicrous as this Brit listing it at $89.00, unsold--go figure, to this auction where the current high bid is $20.75.

And in the end........the soul you sell....is equal to the latte......you smell.........

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Colin said...

Spell Much?