Monday, June 04, 2007

Farewell Trip to the Rink in Montvale

On Sunday, June 3, we headed over to Montvale, New Jersey, to pay our respects to The Rink.

For, alas, this was the last day we could skate there.

I made the trip with my father-in-law and Jolee and Shayna. Grandpa Barry had been coming to the Rink since the 1970's. CBS' news show Sunday Morning did a piece about the Rink's closing and the seniors who skated their regularly (the story is here). Jolee and Shayna were introduced to the Rink last year and loved skating there.

So, we were there for the last Noon session:

Above: Grandpa Barry skating with Jolee.

Jolee makes another pass.

Shayna liked the skating, but preferred air hockey with Grandpa.

Photo by Jolee. Where will we skate now?

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