Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Round-Up

It was a calm, relatively uneventful Father's Day, especially after Friday Night's Excitement.

I had a nice brunch/late lunch with the family, and friends Micah and Tracy, at Moutarde in Park Slope, at the corner of 5th and Carroll. I had a tasty wild mushroom and goat cheese omelette. Yum. Afterwards, we strolled along 7th Avenue for a street fair.

Sadly, late yesterday I learned from my mom that my Aunt Edna Scrafton had passed away in Indiana on Saturday. Although she had been in declining health of late, it still came as a shock, especially in light of the fact that it was 10 years ago yesterday that I learned that my grandfather Al Scrafton ("Pop-Pop") had passed away as well. Edna was Al's sister.

Unfortunately, most of my interaction with Aunt Edna was as a child, and I have no distinct memories of doing anything with her. Yet, until recently, I still received cards from her, and she was kept up to date about our goings-on in Brooklyn.

I do have one memory that is locked away in my BillyBrain, and that is from my cousin Noelle's wedding in the early 1990's. Aunt Edna was there, and we danced together at the reception. She was a wonderful woman, which was easy to ascertain just from her yearly cards and notes, and the brief moments we shared at the wedding. However, ask anyone on the Scrafton side of my family, or anyone who knew Edna, she was a caring, vibrant lady.

Even though she was not a daily fixture in my life, she was part of, and still remains, a panel in the tapestry of my life. I am saddened that I have so few memories of her, yet I am comforted by the fact that she was such a bright shining light for so many members of my family.

We'll miss you, Edna.


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