Thursday, March 22, 2007

Special wet long hair dog

This is a sign in the window of a neighborhood green grocer/bodega. First they want to ban the dog, then the long hair dog, then the same dog, only wet. I guess such dogs are special.


mellomouth said...

The fact that you didn't grow up in NYC is now clear.
That IS a Green Grocer NOT a bodega.
Look here for Urban Dictionary... clearly not Webster's, but...
I sure hope I have not started a major debate here!

Oxypoet said...

Well duh. I know the difference. It is a green grocer, through and through. Nonetheless, I showed someone the picture at work and he asked where it was. I said "A Green Grocer in my neighborhood." "A what?" he asked. I sensed his confusion and just said "bodega," which he understood. I phrased it in the post dually so as to illuminate other people who, like this sad Mets fan from Long Island, may not get the concept of green grocers. Besides, everyone knows that bodega-owners love special wet long-hair dogs.