Sunday, March 18, 2007

Final Gratuitious Soccer Dad Post until September

Ok, so the season ended yesterday for the indoor soccer league, as Shayna's team finished with a tough loss to the Red team. They may scrimmage next week prior to the trophy ceremony, but this wrapped it up yesterday. It was definitely the most exciting game of the year, as the Gold went up 2-0 early and shut out the Red for the first half. Shayna and buddy Max sat out quarter three and, coincidentally or not, their opponents scored three unanswered points to take the lead. Back in come Shayna and Max, and Gold ties it up on a monster boot from a kid at the halfback position, but the Red team had gained momentum and scored 2 quick, cheap shots in the final seconds to seal the deal.

Soccer Dad speaking, Shayna put the gold team on the board first. The clip is cut at the end so be prepared for the video to stop as the ball hits the net.

So, kvelling a bit here, Shayna really loved the indoor format of soccer. She was built more for a compact, smaller indoor field and, not that I was keeping track, but if she was not the top scorer, she was one of the top ones on the team. She is signed up for baseball in the Spring, so expect gratutious baseball dad posts in the months to come.

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