Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ed Vedder sings with R.E.M.

I was about to hit the hay Monday night when I flipped over to VH1 Classic to see how the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Ceremonies were going. I was recording the show live, but wanted to see where they were in the evening.

Lo and behold, Eddie Vedder was at the podium introducing R.E.M.

Thus, I ended up watching what turned out to be the last 40 minutes of the show. R.E.M. played some tunes and in the middle of "Man on the Moon," Mr. Vedder joined in. Beautifully.

Listen: "Man on the Moon" (mp3) R.E.M. with Eddie Vedder, via Pearl Jam Online fan site in Italy.

This page has the story (in Italian), plus additional audio from the intro, Ed's speech, R.E.M.'s acceptance. and their performances of "Begin the Begin," "Gardening at Night," and "Man on the Moon." In addition, they have the show-closing "I Wanna Be Your Dog," as sung by Michael Stipe and Patti Smith, and the grand finale of "People Have the Power," with Patti Smith, Ed Vedder, R.E.M., Sammy Hagar, Keith Richards, Stephen Stills, and some others (including Ronnie Spector, who botched the lyrics as well as any American Idol contestant).

Granted, this post is very similar to that of Heather's over at I am Fuel, You are Friends. You should head over to her blog, however, because her March 13 post includes a whole R.E.M. concert available for your listening pleasure, a pretty spectacular show the band did just recently, in 2003.

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