Thursday, March 29, 2007

29 Songs for the 29th Day

Five? Nah! Here's 29!

1. "Mother" by Danzig

Listen: "Mother" (mp3) via Brooklyn Ski Club

2. "Easy" by Faith No More

3. "The Metro" by Berlin

Listen: "The Metro," as covered by System of a Down (mp3) via Recidivism

4. "Maggie's Farm" by The Specials

5. "The Men Who Live in the White House" by Ornette Coleman

Read about Ornette on this blog here.

6. "Farewell to John Denver," on Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album ("And now the sound of John Denver being strangled....").

7. "Simple Kind of Life" by No Doubt.

8. "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. Wow, 2 Maggies in close proximity.

9. "Goodbye," Eddie Vedder on uke, from the Brokedown Melody soundtrack.

Listen: "Goodbye" (mp3). Not the one I was listening to, but one from a few years back, thanks to Heather at I am Fuel, You Are Friends.

10. "Sunday Girl" by Blondie.

11. "Bright Mississippi" from Thelonious' Monk in Paris: Live at the Olympia.

12. "Rock Rock (Til You Drop)" by Def Leppard (off of Pyromania)

13. "Match Box Blues" from In Session: Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan.

14. "Break on Through" by The Doors.

15. "Panic in Detroit" by David Bowie.

Listen: "Panic in Detroit" (mp3), courtesy of Best Foot Forward

16. "Drive In" by The Donnas, off their eponymous debut.

17. Otis Redding performing the Stones' "Satisfaction" at Monterey Pop in June 1967, less than a month before I was born, in the Summer of Love.

18. "Encore Break" by Pearl Jam. Sorry, guys. This is just applause, Eddie talking to the crowd, the chant "Ed-die, Ed-die,: etc. 3+ minutes of a break from the band's famous July 11, 2003, in Mansfield, Mass, when they played a marathon show of all the songs they had played on the leg of their tour. This is track #40 on the multi-disc set.

19. "Cold Irons Bound" by Bob Dylan from Time Out of Mind.

20. "Root Down" by the Beastie Boys.

21. "Special One" by Cheap Trick.

22. "Michelle" by The Beatles, off of Rubber Soul.

23. Weirdly, the next track is from This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary to The Beatles' Rubber Soul.

"Nowhere Man" by Low.

24. "Men's Room, L.A." by Kinky Friedman from Old Testaments & New Revelations.

25. "A Little Bit of What You Fancy" by Saxon.

Listen: A Little Bit of What You Fancy.mp3, courtesy of one of my fave blogs, Licorice Pizza.

26. "Hotel Arizona" by Wilco.

27. "Problem Child" by AC/DC from the soundtrack for Let There Be Rock.

28. One of the first hard rock songs I ever liked:

"And the Cradle Will Rock" from Van Halen's Women and Children First.

and finally.........

29. "Pyramid Song" by Radiohead, off of Amnesiac.

Listen: "Amnesiac" (mp3), courtesy of Instrumental Analysis

That was fun.

If you are an artist or blogger who doesn't want your song or link here, please e-mail me and I will remove it.

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Mellomouth said...

Maggie's Farm by The Specials great cover! Love that Ska man!!!