Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Band o' the Week

For my birthday last month, my co-workers chipped in and got me a $40 iTunes gift card. E-Cash. Yummy. But I didn't want to blow it all in one place and at one time, so I waited patiently to use it.

Last night I cashed the first $9.99 out of it for a great new album.

While tripping through the blogosphere this past weekend, I chanced upon a band name that intrigued me. Then I read the post (and you can too, here on the mp3 blog Another Form of Relief).

The blog offered up three tracks (WARNING: PARENTAL ADVISORY: DIRTY WORDS AHEAD) and I liked them all. You can listen to them at Another Form of Relief (link above) or go to the band's website or their myspace page here.

For those of you who have yet to click and still don't know their name, here is their album:

Yes, I am talking about Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse. They rock, they swing, and they're goofy. And funny. Check out these lyrics:

Again, if you are easily offended, run away. This is juvenile. To note, the lead vocalist on this song is female, so the irony is, well, ironic. You'd expect these words coming from the mouth of a male singer (well, at least I do):

© 2004 Mickenberg/Shelton

Its summer
So you can see my nipples
Yes, its summer
Nipples, nipples, nipples
In the summer


Who can concentrate with all these boobies in our faces?
Can I babysit your twins?

Excuse me mademoiselle
I guess that I was staring
I cant look you in the eye.

Bouncing, shaking, heaving
Necklace moving when youre breathing.
Shimmying, shaking, swaying, sweating
I can see your heart beating

I guess she will never drown with those torpedos
She jumps rope and gets black eyes.
Its summer. So you can see my nipples, yes its summer.
Its summer so we can see your nipples.
Yes its summer.

They remind me most of The Dickies. And they are entertaining and silly.


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