Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This Day in History, 1995

OK, in an ever expanding plethora of blog-options, here is a new feature. Yippee.

I reach deep into the archives of my soul, the jorunal, and resurrect entries from previous years, for your enjoyment/disdain. Who knows? Don't salivate too much, however, as I will spare you the entries that are too salacious or controversial.

As always, let me know if you like or dislike this feature.

August 23, 1995

Started reading David Lodge's Therapy. Wrote "Weddings, by Fellini," [a poem that previously appeared here, scroll down to October 25]. Tonite we go to a party for the newly-wedded couple. Yay. Finally. Tomorrow I'll write down "Karaoke".


it’s a sad rendition
of a sadder song
and the music
is empty-
a hollow echoing
of bombs-
and the politicians
move their lips-
as the words bleed
from white to red
and I cry out
“More sake!”
because I need it, bad,
need it to numb
the obvious,
as the horrible screeching
continues relentlessly
and drives the world
more insane

[Copyright © 1995 William Dickenson Cohen. All rights reserved.]

So that was it for that day. "Karaoke" was never published, may never be, but it's a poem I like, yet make no claims at greatness. David Lodge's Therapy had been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times Book Review and I went out and got it. It was the first Lodge book I read and, as a result, ended up reading many more. His Paradise News is #7 on my list of favorites. Read Therapy too. It's excellent.

Nothing too exciting, but what can I say. If you want exciting, watch this, and be prepared for some foul, uncouth language. The clip is 10 minutes long, but it has elevated the status of Kelly Clarkson in the eyes of many a music blogger. She climbs on stage at a local show and kids around with the band, singing a rip-roaring rendition of "Sweet Child o' Mine," the way Sheryl Crow should have covered it. Enjoy. (Again, skip this is you are offended by the language a hard rock band may utter at a show)

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