Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Found at Union Square Subway Station 2/6/06

What is the "value of fifteen minutes bodywork"? Is Marie upset she lost her certificate? Who's Samsuir and why did he give Marie this certificate? If I give this to Melanie and she pretends to be Marie, will they ask for ID? Marie, if you see this post, please e-mail me so I can get you your certificate back.


Jenise said...

Nice thing is you know who it is for and you know where to send it back to. From the # in the upper corner, hopefully the place knows who purchased it and then they can get it back to Marie if Melanie doesn't use it.

And um... 15 minutes of body work is NOTHING! sigh... I hope the purchaser didn't spend big bucks on that thing!

Jenise said...

oh... ps... it is from SamSun!