Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dan vs. Don (Warning: Adult Language)

Have you ever lent something to someone and it wasn't returned promptly? Or at all? I'm sure you have. It's universal. A bushman named Tchi!xo may quarrel over his fellow tribeman N!xau's delay in returning his pointed stick. Sometimes, we never get it back. A friend, to remain nameless, borrowed a book from me once. Those who know me, know that I do not lend books lightly. I received the book back, eventually, a paperback version of the hardcover I had lent, and lost. He's still a friend, but I would think twice about loaning him something again. And a book? As they say in my neighborhood, Fuhgeddaboutit!

My beloved wife spent a summer working at a resort in the early 1990's out near Palm Springs. She stayed with a friend, and left behind a wood case with dozens of cassette tapes in it, with the intent of picking them up at some point in time. She never saw them again.

Which brings us to today's find, in front of an auto dealership service area in Bay Ridge. I found this in two parts, each part containing two smaller parts, all of which I taped together. I found the part that said, "Dan I want," and went looking for the other section, which I found fifteen feet away. The end result is classic, frustration perfectly illustrated, for any of us who have lent and lost.

Feel free to comment on anything you may have lent and never received back. Get your frustrations out. Make a final appeal to the void.

Have a great weekend.


Jenise said...

Hhhhhmmmm, can I say this here? I loaned my ummm boots with attitude to a friend... never saw them again. I'm not sure I can give the nick name given to those boots but they had a definate sort of um... attitude about them.

Oh well, I went out and bought new ones at the urging of my husband.

Benjie516 said...

are you sure that doesn't say "I want my Dokken tapes back"?