Thursday, January 19, 2006

A New Slogan

Gone is "Dispatches from the Corner of Pualei Circle and Seventh Avenue." In is "Food for the Creative Imagination." Catchy, no? Now, let's see how devoted you really are. Introducing:

Yes, the official BillyBlog T-shirt. Show your friends and family how hip you are by sporting these new threads. You can purchase them at this storefront.

Note, the back features a photo from BillyBlog's "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" series.

Am I serious about the shirts? Not completely, but check them out. I can customize any shirt, as well. And am currently selling other styles of shirts, with a coffee mug on the horizon.

On a completely random note, today is also the day that Janis Joplin would have celebrated her 63rd birthday.


The Godfather said...
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Benjie516 said...

The greedheads have gotten to you. As your attorney, I advise you to drive very fast.

Oxypoet said...

Not greed. Ego.