Monday, January 23, 2006


Sometimes blogging is all about ripping off stuff from other sites. Those with BlogBlock surf a bit to get the blogjuices flowing and find interesting things. Today is one of those days.

Click here to play "Name that Candy Bar". It's not very sophisticated, but it's a fun diversion. You click on 1 of 12 photos of a cross section of certain chocolate candies. Guess before you click. See how you rate as a chocoholic. I scored 7 out of 12, not bad, I guess, especially because one is a total rip-off. You'll know it when you click it.

The true afficionado can click a link to a second page here to try some truly tricky ones. I got 1/12 but I gave up when I saw some truly obscure items. It helps if you frequent Great Britain or just spend way too much time in my family's favorite candy store, Dylan's Candy Bar.

For those of you who have never been to Dylan's, Ralph Lauren's daughter has created quite a nifty little candy shoppe here in NYC which is a must-see if you're up near Bloomingdale's. Although no longer available, this is what their "deluxe" $300 gift basket looked like:

Click on the photo to enlarge it so you can truly appreciate it in all its glory.


mellomouth said...

Weight Watchers leaders should be proud when they can only get 6 right. I did get 9 right when I went and tried the additional 12. 9 out of 24. Still not bad. I will admit, given my past, that I thought I would get a near perfect score.

Benjie516 said...