Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yanks Beat Orioles

On Sunday, August 6, The Family went down to Baltimore with Grandpa Barry to see the Yankees play the Orioles. Here are some photos. It was an exciting game to watch, as the Yankees hit four home runs and won handily.

There were four tickets in a very nice location...six rows behind the Yankee dugout. Grandpa sat with Melanie and the girls. Here is a view from where they sat:

Here's another perspective. If you look in foul territory on thr right side, my scalped-face value ticket was under the overhang in the shade. The view was still pretty phenomenal, and it was much cooler (92 degrees at game time).

Before the game, Jolee and Shayna got some autographs from two of the Yankee pitchers, starter Chien-Ming Wang and reliever Kyle Farnsworth. Below is a shot of Farnsworth signing a ball.

At one point in the game Shayna joined me in my section, but soon realized she had it much better in the sun, closer to the action. I took her back to her seat and the folks nearby scooted over, allowing me to sit for the last two innings. Pure baseball heaven! Camden Yards is such a pretty park. This was my eighth stadium (joining Dodger, Pac Bell, Petco, Anaheim, Busch, Yankee and Shea). You can tell by my smile I was a happy camper. Of course, Shayna had to due her Gene Simmons impersonation:

Here's a few more family shots, Jolee and Grandpa:

and throw in Melanie, intently watching the game:

Later, she took a great shot of Mariano Rivera in the act of pitching:

All in all, fun for all.

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Anonymous said...

That's Andy Phillips signing a ball not Farnsworth. Shayna CRIED when he left before signing hers - she really likes him. Well, she cried because (despite the fact that she is the one born in Brooklyn not Pasadena like Jolee) it was Jolee that pushed her way to the front and Shayna let everyone push in front of her. AND... Jolee still came back with nothing from Andy!!!