Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Little "A" Ball

That's a pretty sight, isn't it? That was our view from the stands prior to the Brooklyn Cyclones-Batavia Muckdogs game on Sunday, August 13. Yeah, yeah. I'm a little behind. That's the world-famous Cyclone just over the fence near the HSBC sign.

Nothing like a hometown crowd in a big city. We ran into a ton of people we knew, and it really felt like we were not in the biggest city in the world.

Jolee (in the red hat) took a break between innings to dance on the dugout of the home team.

After the game, the kids ran the bases. Shayna, below rounds second.

Jolee is in hot pursuit.

The Cyclones lost, but we didn't really care. We had a great time. We'll be back there at Keyspan Park on September 3. Be prepared for some deja vu.

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