Saturday, August 12, 2006

Buckaroo Bonzai

It's time for another Where's George?! update.

Last you heard from me on this subject was May 25, here. I had just received my first hit, that is, a dollar I had specially marked had turned up in Elmont, New York, about 16 miles from where I had released it back into the wild.

Since then, more has transpired...

A bill I entered on May 22 has been traversing Brooklyn, turning up 37 days later, 3.1 miles away, and then 18 days later it showed up in Williamsburg (still Brooklyn) and got transported across the river into Manhattan on July 17. The report is here.

On June 6, I entered a bill that turned up a month later (July 5) in Baltimore, 163 miles away.

One of the bills I entered on June 5 popped up yesterday in Monroe Township in New Jersey. It traveled at the average speed of 0.43 miles per day to get 28 miles away. Details, including a link to a map, can be seen here.

On the other end of the, er, coin, I have "hit" several bills recently, meaning I have entered bills that originated elsewhere and were already marked "Where's George?!"

Most recently, I found a bill that crossed the country, originating in Washington State, and traveling 2324 miles in a little over 151 days.

It took another bill I found on July 19 a longer time (2 Yrs, 327 Days, 4 Hrs, 32 Mins) to reach me after an 879-mile trek from St. Louis.

See, fun stuff, no? OK, ok, a little dorky, but still fascinating.

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