Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Great Poem by Mark Strand

Well, maybe I am biased because I love Mark Strand to begin with, but I thought this was worth sharing.....


On a warm night in June
I went to the lake, got on all fours,
and drank like an animal. Two horses
came up beside me to drink as well.
This is amazing, I thought, but who will believe it?
The horses eyed me from time to time, snorting
and nodding. I felt the need to respond, so I snorted, too,
but haltingly, as though not really wanting to be heard.
The horses must have sensed that I was holding back.
They moved slightly away. Then I thought they might have known me
in another life—the one in which I was a poet.
They might have even read my poems, for back then,
in that shadowy time when our eagerness knew no bounds,
we changed styles almost as often as their were days in the year.

-Mark Strand.

Reprinted without permission from the June 3, 2006 issue of the New Yorker.*


Sang Lan said...

Love Mark Strand's poems, but it's so hard to find more of his poems online...

James Lee Jobe said...

Fantastic poem.