Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's All Relative

Ok, this is a toss-away post, but I'm technically vacationing, so just deal with it. Last September, one week into the life of BillyBlog, I boasted about the BilliPod (as I am wont to do, as any regular reader can tell you). Get a load of this:

To clarify the comment I made yesterday about the iPod. I don't have the white earphones (making me less of a target for podthievery on the subways), but I do take pride in the fact that I have a huge amount of tracks (7051) and they are so diverse. See, just dragging it out like this shows how I can be quite a bit of a dork and insufferable about it. Anyway, to further seal the deal, this is the playlist of what my iPod selected for me on shuffle on the way to work this morning:
Oh, insufferable blogger that I am, I proceeded to list all the sings I listened to on the way to work. Thankfully (maybe? maybe not?) I have discarded that practice. But one thing jumps out at me. The number 7051.

Nowadays, that seems quaint. The BilliPod, despite my purging scores of live Pearl Jam performances and other repetitive songs (I'm still clinging to my 44 versions of "Paint it Black"), I have continued to add, from my collection, from discs borrowed from the Brooklyn and New York public libraries, and from blogosphere. I am now at a staggering 12, 719 tracks. That's an addition of 5600 tracks, approximately, 467 songs per month, or 15 songs a day. Geez.

So BilliPod is bloated. According to the iTunes library, there are 253 Genres, 2320 Artists, and 3044 albums. 53.95 GB.

What's the point? No point. Just filling the void.

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