Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Princess Bride for a New Generation (Archives)

Discovered this in my February 2008 drafts.....

This post started as a result of an initial post that labeled
William Goldman’s The Princess Bride on of my “Top 20” favorite books.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2007: The Princess Bride, the film, was
released on DVD in a 20th anniversary edition. I was contacted by FOX
because of my prior post and asked if I would help publicize the release of
the DVD. Many readers may recall the banners ran on BillyBlog for a month
or two. One of the things I was offered in return for plugging the DVD was
a complimentary copy for myself. Seemed fair.

Only it never came. At some point I realized this and contacted the woman
at FOX who initially approached me about the banners and plugs. She
apologized for the mix-up and promptly sent me my copy. By then it was
December and life was nuts. I thought it would be great to sit down with
the kids and watch it, blogging about their reactions. Trying to get all
cylinders firing at the same time with a family of four in a two
working-parent household is a challenge. Especially since the invention of
the DVR. Especially since watching a re-run of iCarly is more appealing to
an 11-year old than watching some movie your parents want you to watch.

But this past Saturday night, the stars aligned and we all watched The
Princess Bride together. My 9-year old tomboy was reluctant, as she is
loathe to do anything involving a princess. Bless her soul. But we
convinced her and we all were soon transported back to the Kingdom of
Gilder and relishing Rob Reiner’s fourth film as director.

A side note about Rob Reiner: if you look at his directorial debut (This is
Spinal Tap) and his ensuing films (The Sure Thing, Stand By Me, The
Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Misery, A Few Good Men), it wasn’t
until 1995’s North, that he hit a brick wall. Not a bad run.

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