Monday, March 06, 2017

Poetry in Motion: from "Love in the Ruins" by Jim Moore

I snapped this photo three years ago today, on March 6, 2014:

from Love in the Ruins by Jim Moore

         I remember my mother toward the end,

folding the tablecloth after dinner
         so carefully,
as if it were the flag
         of a country that no longer existed,
but once had ruled the world.

~ ~ ~
Here's a clearer version of the poem:

Visit the MTA Poetry in Motion page here.

Bios of the poet and the artist whose work in the subway that serves as the backdrop for the poem above, which was one of four released in 2014, appears on the site here. You can also click on the Poetry in Motion tag at the bottom of the post to see prior BillyBlog posts about the series.

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