Friday, February 24, 2017

The Criminal Elements in Saginaw, Michigan

I found this in my draft posts from 2009. I have no idea why I had assembled this, but it seems wasteful sitting in my drafts. It probably had something to do with the illegal tattoos.

Clare County deputies handle vomit calls, mysterious door-knockers, and
illegal tattoos in the course of a day

by Dean Bohn | The Saginaw News

Tuesday January 06, 2009, 6:31 AM

CLARE -- Clare County sheriff's deputies say they try to help everyone over
the holidays, but sometimes there's not a whole lot they can do. For

• A man returned to his home along East Cranberry Lake at 4 p.m. New Year's
Eve to find someone had broken into his home and "vomited all over."

The man said the front door was wide open and all the stove burners were
on. After checking the house, he could not find anything missing.

• A woman called deputies at noon New Year's Eve to report a man in a white
flatbed truck drove by and splashed her with snow while she stood in front
of her home along Beaver, between Ludington and Maple.

Deputies took the description of the vehicle.

• At 1 a.m. New Year's, a woman living at a home on North Clare said a man
wearing a red hat and beard was knocking on her doors behind her house.
Deputies said no one was there when they arrived.

• A woman dragged her teenage son into the Clare County Sheriff's
Department at 10:30 a.m. Friday to file a complaint that someone gave her
son a tattoo without her permission. Deputies were looking into it.

• At 5:30 p.m. Jan. 1, a man along North Temple told deputies he was going
to cut the bolt to the well house on the property he was renting because he
could not reach the landlord and has not had water for 16 days. Deputies
noted it in case more came of it later.

• A woman at 8 p.m. Jan. 1 called deputies to report a man "spinning
donuts" in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Farwell. She said it
"isn't right," because a few days before her dog bit one of his tires, and
he insisted she buy him four new tires, which she did. Deputies said they
would look into it.

• A woman called deputies at 5 p.m. New Year's Eve, stating some juveniles
in a Dodge Ram who were under the influence of "liquor or drugs" put the
pickup in the ditch. She said they were able to get it out, but then got
stuck again -- and were doing it repeatedly. Deputies made an arrest for
drunken driving.

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