Monday, September 08, 2008

A Subdued Anniversary

Today BillyBlog is three.

Of course, by Blog Standards (whose, I don’t know), BillyBlog is middle-aged.

I don’t have a lot to say, other than thank you to all of you who come back and visit. My creative energies have really been focused on the spawn of BillyBlog, Tattoosday, which celebrates 1 full year of blogdependence today as well.

My big problem with BillyBlog of late has been the ambitiousness of its posts, many of which are still stuck in draft mode. This summer’s 41 Days on the Bike was relatively crisp and easy (although ultimately a bit tedious, at least to me).

I imagine, with cooler weather (still elusive at this point of the year), we may see a swing back toward a healthy mix between the two vehicles. But I can only follow my heart and my mind to take me where it goes.

My company has upgraded me to a BlackBerry Curve, which has one of those newfangled camera phone thingamabobs in it. That may prove a source of endless entertainment.

At 41, I try to be hip, although as Jolee notes, I often try too hard. Example: I recently snagged some sweet Ed Hardy sweat shorts at Bloomingdale’s significantly on sale and using a delightful gift card, courtesy of the BillyBlogMom. Jolee sayeth: “Those shorts are too cool for you, Dad.”

And so it goes.

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Well, happy bloggiversary anyways!