Friday, September 05, 2008

The End of a Run

So the weather forecast tomorrow is grim. Rain and high winds, courtesy of the ghost of Tropical Storm Hanna. What does this mean?

Even if there are spots of sunshine (unlikely), I have decided to take the day off from the bike.

And with the streets clogged on Sunday with cyclists doing the NY Century Ride, I may take off Sunday, too.

I initially started with the intention, on July 3, of riding 41 straight days. On August 12, I achieved that goal and had logged 341 miles.

However, since then, I've tacked on an extra 25 days and today, Day 66, I rode the bike to work, bringing my cumulative total to 548.69 miles. I'm going to say 550 because it sounds awesome. If I biked 548 miles from home, I'd be somewhere just west of Columbus, Ohio by now.

Last week, my landlords returned from almost 2 months in Florida. While they were gone, I kept the bike down in the vestibule on the ground floor. Since they've been back, as they would not be happy with my bike "in their way," I've lugged it up and down three flights of stairs each day.

I'm not sure if this is related or not, but my back hurts.

I am tired. Although riding is not tiring, it is the act of motivating myself to ride, and the thought of getting up early to ride each day that mentally exhausts me.

So. Tomorrow will be a well-earned day off. I am also happy to report that the exercise and a low-grade cholesterol medication gave me a shiny healthy number that made my doctor tremble with glee. Today at my Weight Watchers meeting I weighed in at 180.6. The week before my birthday I was 188.2. My "lifetime" goal is 179. The last time I was below 181 was January 2007. I am beyond happy to be in this neighborhood again.

And whether it is Sunday, or perhaps Monday, I will get on the bike again and start riding. I don't anticipate 66 days straight again, but you never know.

Thanks for listening with your eyes.


M.Lane said...

Congratulations! That is an impressive achievement both the weight and the are inspiring me. Well, not to ride...

Bill Cohen said...

Of course, at 8am, the sun is breaking through clouds and there is a just a little residual wetness on the ground. Sure, it's going to rain like a banshee later, but I could have snuck in a ride. Oh well. As they say, all good things must come to an end. Thanks to everyone for their kind words!

Ben said...

letting your body rest is a key ingredient to any long term exercise regimen. Go billy go.