Friday, September 26, 2008

The Birthday that Went on Forever

It is raining this morning in New York.

Tonight I am going with Shayna to the New York Liberty - Detroit Shock WNBA playoff game at Madison Square Garden.

I anticipated yesterday that there would be no bike ride this morning (or this evening).

I am happy with this and am looking forward to the break from the bike.

I am back to my goal weight, and I owe a lot of that to, not the 41 days of cycling from my birthday on July 3 through September 12, but from the 44 additional days I rode through yesterday.

I knew yesterday that this journey had ended when I got back home from the morning ride.

I commemorated it with this photograph:

I'm smiling because: a) I'm tired, b) I'm proud, and c) I never quit (although I came close) and it was only the weather that forced me to end the streak.

Thanks to all who have left me words of encouragement and support while I completed this task. Had someone told me on July 3 that I would continue through September 25, I would have been skeptical. Have a great weekend!


Ben said...

Good job, Bill. Way to do a Red Raider proud.

Rebecca Kendig said...

Congratulations Bill!!! Ride baby ride!