Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tattoosday Update

Well, it's Tattoosday, and people familiar with BillyBlog may be wondering what's up with the seemingly little effort that's been going into this place.

Blame Mother Nature for keeping it warm in the Big Apple and making it easier to find tattoos. Combined with an increase in both my resolve and willingness to approach total strangers on the streets of New York, you'll find that I have been busier over at the other BillyBlog project Tattoosday.

In October, in fact, Tattoosday has been running neck and neck, post per post, with BillyBlog (although this one gives the father the edge over the son 21-20). So if you haven't lived vicariously through my tattoo-spotting lately, come join the fun and head on over and change your Tuesday to a Tat-Tuesday. See who belongs to the cool tattoo up above. I'll be reviewing his band's new CD in the days to come.

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