Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall is Approaching

For those of you who may miss the old BillyBlog, you know, the one that didn't seem so lazy, please note that I sense, with the cooler weather, a swinging back of the creative pendulum. Sleeves are lengthening, as are hems and pant legs. The cursed turtleneck is returning. Can scarves be far behind?

With less visible flesh on the streets, so go the tattoos. With material likely drying up, expect my return here with a new enthusiasm. Maybe.

Despite it being mid-October, Tattoosday, rebel son of BillyBlog got a boost from the warm weather and hit a landmark yesterday, outdrawing its parent. With 58 hits, it edged this blog by 3 visitors, a first. It helps when you photograph the tattoo of a cheerleader for a roller derby team with an active MySpace profile. Intrigued? Head on over and see what the fuss is about.

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