Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fishbone on the Rocks Off Boat Cruise, redux

Last May, we attended a Fishbone concert, detailed here.

Yesterday, Fishbone sent this news my way:

AT&T blue room Music presents: Fishbone from NYC

05/03/2007 - Rocks Off Boat Cruise - NYC
Fishbone’s interview and performance clips are now up on the blue room site.

Click here.

Under the "What's New" tab on bottom left of page or just search "fishbone"...
* Interview: Songs Off The Album (1/5)
* Interview: Still Stuck In Your Throat (2/5)
* Performance: 'Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch' (3/5)
* Performance: 'Everyday Sunshine' (4/5)
* Performance: 'Ugly' (5/5)

The performance pieces give you a real idea of the intimacy of the show. Pay particular attention to the performance of "Everyday Sunshine". At about the 4:40 mark, lead singer Angelo Moore climbs up onto the railing and sings the chorus and then sticks the microphone in the faces of two devoted fans, who can be heard singing along. That would be me and the Mrs.

This hosting of the show clips allows me to forgive AT&T for the whole Pearl Jam Lollapalooza censorship debacle.

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