Monday, September 17, 2007

Another New Yorker Dispatched

Polished off segments of another back issue, the August 20, 2007, incarnation.

A moderately funny humor piece by Paul Simms here.

Adam Gopnik offers a review/appreciation/critical look of my favorite science fiction writer Philip K. Dick here. Reading it reminded me that Dick is not on my top 20 books list, but is probably in the 20-30 range.

A poem by Charles Simic:

Driving Home

Minister of our coming doom, preaching

On the car radio, how right

Your Hell and damnation sound to me

As I travel these small, bleak roads

Thinking of the mailman’s son

The Army sent back in a sealed coffin.

His house is around the next turn.

A forlorn mutt sits in the yard

Waiting for someone to come home.

I can see the TV is on in the living room,

Canned laughter in the empty house

Like the sound of beer cans tied to a hearse.

And a good story by T Cooper called "Swimming" here.

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