Friday, December 08, 2006

Probably the Last Pearl Jam Post of BillyBlog's Year

Blah blah blah, you'd have thought I'd gone to this concert, but I didn't, but am trying to live vicariously through others to attain the feeling that I had.

One of the great things about Pearl Jam, and a key element in my conversion from Appreciator to Fan, is the fact that you can download their concerts for the price of a regular CD (on sale) within a few days of the show.

So I downloaded the Hawaii show, since there were two songs I wanted to hear in particular. I shared with Heather at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. Check out her post "Chills up the spine, chills down the spine" from yesterday, she also is hosting the "Hawaii '78" track, along with Israel Kamakawiwoole original. The key to this track's power is in the audience reaction, as they gradually realize what he's singing. I can't imagine any other band in the world pulling this off. Truly, truly, truly astonishing.

Along with the music and CD art, you get to download photos from the show. I saved some below.

Eddie leads the Blaisdell Crowd in "Happy Birthday" to drummer Matt Cameron. The cake was subsequently hurled into the crowd.

Bassist Jeff Amendt. Oops. Not! The Mrs. Corrected me: that's Stone Gossard on guitar. D'oh!

Great shot of Kenneth "Boom" Gaspar, Pearl Jam's "6th Man" on Keyboard. Boom is Hawai'i born and bred.

Eddie and Mike McCready during "Inside Job".

Mike McCready on lead guitar.

Eddie Vedder sporting a SL8R shirt, courtesy of friend and surfer, Kelly Slater.

The Birthday Boy, Matt Cameron.

I just love this shot.

ADDED 12/19:

Here's Pearl Jam performing "Hawai'i 78" a week later at Aloha Stadium:


Anonymous said...

Wow! I listened to both Eddie Vedder's and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of that song. Just beautiful, really. Beautiful. Thanks for enlightening me yet again.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...Heather also cites Amos Lee as one of her favorite artists of the year. I saw him play at Town Hall a few weeks back. He's great. Check him out.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to love this...
look carefully at the pic's Mr BillyBlog... There is a lovely picture of Stone Gossard with a lovely Lei around his neck. What name do you have under his picture??? What instrument do you say he's playing????
Pearl Jam fan, my ass. It took your wife, fan #2 in the house to notice this???
This is the joy I get after not having time to read the blog for 2 weeks. i really need to make the time to read it everyday.

Tattoosday said...

Hey, Honey, I'll quote Stone himself:

Don't gimme no lip
Don't gimme no lip
Don't gimme no
Don't gimme no lip
Don't gimme no lip
Don't gimme no
Don't gimme no lip, I've had my fill of it
Don't gimme no lip, I've lost my taste for it

Anonymous said...

A MILLION MAHALOS, billy brah! i've been searching for this and youre the one to pass out the blessing. and pass out is what i almost did when i first heard the strum. this had to be one of my most melancholy moments in concert history. the mixture, Vedders heart, along with the nostalgia of the song will remain longer and harder thanks to you. you did us a service. EDDIE DID GO, AND EDDIE BE PROUD! ALOHA

Anonymous said...

It looks like the one guy in the bottom left is grabbing Eddie's ass.