Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Amanda: Found in Brooklyn or I Believe the Children Are Our Future

OK, I believe this is one of the best "found" items I've come across, discovered this morning in the street in front of the kids' school. My only regret is that the single sheet, double-sided, ends when it does, a veritable cliffhanger. I strongly recommend you click the image to enlarge for maximum-viewing effect. What a nice little Chanukah present for BillyBlog!

Oh, no! The clone of what? It has been suggested I imagine the remainder of the letter and compose it for BillyBlog, but it's so perfect the way it is, and frightening at the same time. Amanda is only a year older than my oldest who thankfully doesn't seem to be in the mindset, presumably because she doesn't have such a role model as an older sister, and she doesn't have a mother with "funky boyfriends," just a dorky dad with a blog.

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