Friday, December 29, 2006

Caught in a Mosh


Exhaustion prevents me from elaborating further, but the Fishbone show was great. The show at CBGB's felt a little more special, but they put on a heckuva show for us.

The band took the stage after resolving some Knitting Factory technical issues some time this morning, I'll say around 12:15 AM.

They ended at 2:58 AM. At least 2 and a half hours of energetic skafunkrockthrashsoul.

The first song was "The Suffering" and I learned easily enough that the circumference of the mosh pit is not outside of the mosh pit, it's part of the mosh pit.

For those of you not familiar with the term "mosh pit," click here.

I was quickly reminded of the old days: seeing Anthrax at the old L.A. Olympic Auditorium, with Corrosion of Conformity, D.R.I., Legacy, and Possessed. The mosh quickly spread to us. During the first song, I had my glasses knocked off (miraculously retrieved with very little damage) and got a boot to the head from a crowdsurfer.

Once the initial shock of the mosh wore off, Melanie and I, along with one of my co-workers Sheri, fended off the various moshers who hurtled in our direction.

I will be better prepared to report on the show at a later date. I will acknowledge that James Brown was given a major shout out by all of the bands. Angelo a.k.a. Dr. Madd Vibe of Fishbone spoke particularly affectionately and spoke of the Godfather of Soul in a Presidential Context.

Stay tuned for further elaboration....

Oh, I did not buy a Fishbone shirt, but did buy a Dr. Madd Vibe shirt. Photos below, front and back, read the text, way cool.

Dr. Madd Vibe (Angelo Moore) MySpace page here. Buy the shirt here.

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