Monday, December 18, 2006

Brooklyn Bridge, 1914, plus more

I've been blogblocked lately, sparse posts, or at least it seems that way.

I'm throwing this picture out there because someone sent it to me earlier this year, I think it was a print being sold via the New York Times website.

This is apropos, I guess, since the warm December weather allowed me to finally come in and retrieve my bike from the office and catch the sunrise over Brooklyn as I rode back home over the bridge on Saturday morning.

Chanukah started on Friday night so there has been a glut of torn wrapp
ing paper in our home. The shirt below (the purple one on the left) was one of the cool gifts I opened up. Sorry I don't have a better photo but it's pretty rocking, literally. From the Jimi Hendrix clothing line.

And today is Keith Richards' 63rd birthday!

Let's celebrate that, as well as the holiday season with a listen of "Run Rudolph Run," as Keith covers Chuck Berry:

Keith Richards - "Run Rudoph Run" (mp3) (Courtesy of music blog Page 300).

And here's a treat, maybe for some. One of my favorite Keith-touched Rolling Stones' songs is "The Worst" from their album Voodoo Lounge. Here's a video of Keith performing the song, not with Mick and the boys, but with Willie Nelson and Cheryl Crow. Worth a watch, just to do a compare and contrast with the photo above.

And what else can I throw out there? Last night we had family visiting and we went to our favorite restaurant to take visitors to in Bay Ridge:

You can check out the menu here.

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Linda Lee said...

Thanks for the link to that video! I've never seen it. I had to post it on my site, with a link back to you. Thanks a lot. I enjoy your site.