Friday, December 01, 2006

First a Chihuahua, Now Some Stranger's Grandson

So, someone heard I helped a co-worker's dog get some votes, and the cat's out of the bag. Now I've been asked to help put someone's grandson win a science competition. Anything to make the public happy. Read on:

To all,

Our Grandson,Bradley Bloomfield is a finalist in a national science project. You are able to see the projects on line and vote for the best. Please vote for Bradley. Here is how you do it.

(Complicated instructions deleted by BillyBlog and replaced with the following links):

Click here to listen and here to vote.

We thank you for your votes and, also, we would appreciate your forwarding this to all your friends.

Thanks a million!

Barbara and Shep Bloomfield

I'm sure the Bloomfields will be thrilled to know their grandson's campaign is followed by a post about an inappropriate shirt seen at Chuck E. Cheese. But if you play with the blogosphere, you must get your hands a little dirty.

Good Luck Bradley!

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