Monday, April 10, 2006

Fun with Facial Recognation

There's a website called MyHeritage that has a neat little feature that provides hours of entertainment.

Here's what you do....

1. Go to the site

2. Register (it's free)

3. Click on the box that beckons: "Find the Celebrity in You!"

4. Read: " is one of the world's first services to apply advancedface recognition technology to personal photos and family history;and it's free!" Say, "Wow! Cool!!" Click on "Try it Now"

5. Follow the instructions on how to upload a photo, and let the program go to work.

6. Say, "Huh?" when they say you look like someone fanous you've never heard of before, or go "Wow! No wonder men/women/both sexes throw themselves at me all the time!"

You may want to run this a few times. Based on your expression (smiling, weeping, cringing in agony, etc.), you may end up looking like Donald Rumsfeld or ALF. I took me several attempts to c0me up with an acceptable one to me, worth sharing. Based on a close-up of my face, with mussed-up hair (my normal state), my best match was none other than the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen!

I got that with a 74% recognition score (whatever that means). My other options were Kevin Kline (73%), Benjamin McKenzie (70%), Pedro Sanata Lopes (64%), Norodom Sihamoni (62%), John Travolta (62%), Gary Sinise (62%), and John Belushi (60%).

Those who know me know I don't really look like those guys, but I guess the picture of me did. The point is, it's fun to try and see if you'll look like Elle MacPherson or Bea Arthur, Brad Pitt or Ernest Borgnine.

Please come back and post comments telling us who you look like!

Don't forget to go to the Band Madness site and vote on bracket B. Your votes count! You can also view the results from the first bracket. Biggest upsets, in my opinion, from Bracket A: Boyz II Men defeated Jackson Browne and the Fugees beat Danzig/The Misfits.


Anonymous said...

Other HUGE Upsets:

The Flaming Lips over Steely Dan and Ludacris over Wilco.

Also, Joni Mitchell out in the first round? WHAAAATTT??? While I agree that Jerry Lee Lewis should have made it through, Joni Mitchell is an icon. How do bands like De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and VANILLA ICE!!! make it through and she doesn't?

Bad seeding, that's how. You don't pit top seeds against one another in the first round. In my humble opinion, anyway!

Tattoosday said...

Yeah, Ludacris over Wilco is a tough one to swallow. In the current round of voting, I almost stopped breathing when having to choose in the Soundgarden vs. Neil Young face-off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenise - I bet you wouldn't mind if they were comparing you to John Lennon's musical genius.
Wait til you hear mine...
Jason ALexander??? Oy! George! SAy Vandalay, Say Valdalay, Say Vandalay!
Condoleeza Rice??? Oh god! It just kept getting worse! Thank god it wasn't W!
Madonna! I could live with that one - But if it was based on body! That I would love!

Anonymous said...

oops - that was mellomouth - not anon!!! wouldn't want to embarrass either of them!